GM Diet Day 1: General Motors Diet Plan

The General Motors diet is a 7 day weight loss management plan where you’ll be eating only the selected fruits, vegetables, brown rice and meat. Since the GM diet relies solely on foods that are rich in fiber and low in protein, fat and carbs, a lot of people drop in the middle of the week. However, those who follow the guidelines suggested by the experts have lost up to 10 lbs in their first week itself.

How to Prepare Your Body for GM Diet Day 1?

The GM diet followers are only allowed to eat fruits on the first day. Since fruits can be had on this day, your body goes into the detoxification mode. So, you’re advised to drink lots of water today.

Before starting this diet, it is recommended that you eat your stomach full night before the day 1. This helps you start the diet with full energy when you wake up the next morning.

Never perform heavy weight exercises during the 7 day plan. Since, the foods you’re consuming doesn’t contain enough carbs, you’ll only be able to perform light exercises. For best weight loss results, try to practice yoga and meditation.

GM Diet Day 1 Foods [Allowed]


You can eat unlimited amount of fruits on this day except Bananas. You can either prepare a fruit salaad or eat them separately.

Sample Diet Plan for Day 1

The everyday meal plan of the General Motors diet contains 5 meals which include – Breakfast, Mid-morning snack, Lunch, Afternoon Snack and Dinner.

Let us now look at the sample meal plan with the suggested foods.

Breakfast (8 to 9 AM): 1 cup of diced Apples and 2 glasses of water.
Mid-morning Snack (10 to 11 AM): 1 bowl of Papaya and 2 glasses of water.
Lunch (12 to 1 PM): 1 bowl of Watermelon/Muskmelon and 1 glass of water.
Afternoon Snack (4 to 5 PM): 1 Orange/Sweet Lime/Kiwi or 1 bowl grapes and 2 glasses of water.
Dinner (6 to 7 PM): 1 bowl of Watermelon and 1 glass of water.

Make sure that you finish your dinner by 7PM and have at least 8 hours of sleep. The main target of today’s diet is to cleanse your digestive system and at the same time increase your metabolic rate so that it helps in fastening the weight loss process in the following days of the diet plan.

In case if you’re too hesitant to drink water the whole day, you can drink Coconut water in its place.


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