GM Diet Plan: Fastest Method To Lose 5 KGs In A Week

GM Diet is the best weight loss management program which was developed to the keep the GM Motors, Inc. employees fit and healthy. This diet program was approved by the U.S.Department of Agriculture and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It was field tested and was approved by the General Motors Corp. on August 15, 1985.

The main goal of this weight loss plan is to reduce up to 10-17 pounds in 7 days time. Thanks to its cleansing effects, your attitude and emotions towards life will be improved for sure.

The main reason why you lose weight through the GM diet program lies in the effectiveness of this diet. During the 7 day span, you’ll be eating only the foods that burn more calories than they give to your body in caloric value.

Unlike the other diets, you can follow this diet plan whenever you like without worrying about the health complications. This diet is designed such a way that all the impurities in your system will be flushed out, making you feel lighter by at least 10 lbs (4 kgs) by the end of the seventh day. 


V.Important: Before going further into the full details of the General Motors diet program, you’ll have to vow that you won’t be consuming any alcohol during the diet and should drink a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses of water each day without fail.

GM Diet Plan: General Motors Diet Chart

Day 1 (Fruits Day): You can eat your stomach full of fruits, excluding the Bananas on this day. Watermelons should be your most important fruit of all i.e., you should consume more melons as they’ll give you nothing but water content which is good for the diet. If you stick to the plan, then your chances of losing 3 lbs on the first day are very good.

Day 2 (Vegetables Day): You don’t have to starve yourself like other diets. Eat until you’re stuffed with different kinds of vegetables either in the raw or cooked form of your choice. In order to get the complex carbohydrates for your body, you’ll have to start your day (breakfast) with a large baked/boiled potato. But, remember not to eat Potatoes for the rest of the day.

Day 3 (Fruits & Vegetables): Your choice. Any amount and quantity of fruits and vegetables on this day. But, stay away from Bananas and Potatoes for today. 

Day 4 (Bananas & Milk): On the fourth day, you’ll need sodium and potassium which you can get from the Milk and Bananas. You can eat 8 Bananas and drink 3 glasses of milk (250ml each) on this day during the breakfast, lunch and dinner. The wonder soup a.k.a cabbage soup may be eaten (limited) during the evening time.

Day 5 (Beef & Tomatoes): You should eat 10 oz. portions of lean beef (or) make a hamburger with it if needed. Along with it, you’ll need to eat 6 whole tomatoes during the day. Today, you should increase your water consumption by 2 glasses as it will help in cleansing your system of the Uric acid you’ll be producing because of the foods you eat today.

Day 6 (Beef & Vegetables): On the sixth day, you can eat unlimited amounts of Beef and vegetables of your choice. You can also prepare a soup with Beef and preferred vegetables for a change. 

Day 7 (Brown Rice, Vegetables & Fruit Juices): You can prepare any recipe with brown rice and vegetables like vegetable fried rice (with less oil) and have it during the lunch and dinner. On the remaining day, you can satisfy your hunger pangs with fruit juices (no/less sugar). 


Day 8 (The New You!): When you wake up today, you’ll definitely notice that you’re 10 to 17 lbs lighter than a week ago. You’ll feel the NEW YOU! In case if you wanted to lose weight further, feel free to repeat this diet again after a gap of 3 to 4 days. Remember that you can follow the GM Diet plan as often as you like until you reach your desired weight.

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