How Do You Get Bed Bugs ?

Infested_Bed_BugsHow do you get bed bugs“? I hear this question a lot. Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that feed on human blood. They love to live in places where its nice a warm, especially places like your bed. Bed bugs are mainly found in the warmer places around the world, but then can be found pretty much anywhere. They are very small and are hard to notice. During the day they tend to hide in the mattress, the box spring and even in holes in the walls and they normally feed at night. You have probably asked your self this, “how do you get bed bugs? Well, there are a number of ways as to how these blood sucking parasites can get into your home.

How do you get bed bugs and where do they come from?

  • With the world being more accessible, travel has become a common occurrence. The places where you are most likely to find bed bugs are in hotels, dorm rooms, hospitals and even hospitals. They tend to hide in clothes or in your bags thus you transport them to your home without your knowledge. Before you know it, your home is infested with the little creatures. These parasites can crawl from house to house through pipes and hallways as well.Infested_Bed_Bugs
  • For most people, buying second hand furniture is easier due to the hard money situation. Second hand furniture is another way to get bugs in your home. Chances are the user had bed bug infestation, and that is why they choose to sell it or dump it in the dumpster. Be careful when you get this kind of furniture. It is safer to asses the piece of furniture before you can purchase it. Look out for signs of infestation which include black pepper spray like marks common in infested areas.
  • Visiting friends and family can also bring bed bugs to your home. However, this does not mean that you should not have visitors coming to your house. You should check your house regularly to ensure there are no bed bugs. Some of these people don’t even know that their homes are infested. It is not until there is an army of these parasites that one realizes that they have a big problem. They hitch hike rides in the visitor’s clothes to your place and there they settle.Infested_Bed_Bugs-2
  • If you live in an apartment building, then you are at a high risk of bed bug infestation. They move from house to house, and it is much easier because the apartments are joined. A neighbor doesn’t have to come over to your apartment to bring them. This happens through common areas like the pipes and holes in the walls joining the rooms. Once a single apartment is infested then the rest of them will get infested. These parasites spread like wild bush fire.
  • As it has been a misconception that uncleanliness is the mother of bed bugs, whether you are clean or not as long as you live in an infested area, you are at a risk of infection. Bed bugs do not feed on filth, but cleanliness does help in controlling the infestation. However, it doesn’t prevent infestation.

Bed bugs can be controlled and eliminated from your living area. You just have to look for ways to do this, and your home will be bed bug free. Remember that it starts with you. Make a decision to control them. Now that you know “how do you get bed bugs” go out and find ways to prevent them from ever coming back again.

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