How To Detect Bed Bugs ?

Tips on How to detect bed bugs

It can be difficult to detect bed bugs as they are very small and nocturnal insects. However, the evidence of a bed bug infestation can be found in your bed. Sometimes people roll onto these tiny pests while they sleep, leaving bloodstains on the sheets. Bed bugs leave black or dark-brown clusters of dried excrement upon infected surfaces. They also give off a sweet, musty, subtle odor.

Bed bugs have brown or reddish-brown, flattened wingless bodies. They are found in beddings, walls, box springs, clothing and luggage. They like to hide in dark locations and tight crevices where they cannot be seen. Mostly, they are found in mattresses as well as in other furniture around you home.

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that are easily transported to other previously non-infested dwellings. Studies have also shown that outbreaks can be caused by tourism.

For those of you that are unfortunate to have a bed bug infestation, it is very important that you understand how to detect bed bugs. You shouldn’t only check the obvious spots like you bed, but also check the less obvious places like your sofa, luggage, closets and even in your pets bed.

Where to Hide?

  • Mattresses
  • Crevices in box springs
  • Backsides of Headboards
  • Clothing
  • Loose wallpaper
  • Behind hanging pictures
  • Migrating from one apartment to another through holes in walls, water pipes or gutters

How to detect bed bugs, simply and easily

  • Stop Bed BugsUse a flashlight to make them more visible, as they like hiding in cracks as well as crevices in furniture and mattress seams.
  • Bed bug droppings and their skins give clues to their presence. Their droppings are smaller than those of mice.bed-bug-bites-close-up
  • Check for their black and horrible smelling gland secretion.
  • You may find small blood spots on the bed sheets that indicate presence of bed bugs.
  • Examine your body for red welts or rashes to detect bed bug presence in your home. It is important to check your body as irritation caused by bed bug bites is often not felt immediately.

How to detect bed bugs in your furniture

  • Bed-Bug-InspectionInspect the box spring thoroughly using a flash light.
  • Check the cracks and crevices in the frame of the bed.
  • Thoroughly examine all of your furniture, removing drawers from desks and dressers, and turning the furniture upside down so that you expose the bottom for better examination.
  • Pay special attention to any holes or tears present in the mattress.
  • Place the box spring in an upright position and shine a bright light through the translucent cloth on the underside.
  • Completely empty the box spring if you detect bed bugs. Leave the box spring exposed on the underside for insecticide or repellent treatment.

Different ways on how to detect bed bugs

There are also different ways to detect bed bugs. These days there are specially trained dogs that can easily detect bed bugs by their smell. If your infestation is seriously, consider this as an option. There are also many different ways to detect bed bugs on your own such as a do-it-yourself kit that are available at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Bed bugs can survive for up to eighteen months without feeding, but once they find a source of food nearby, they’ll suck blood every 5-10 days. But the most important thing you should know is how to detect bed bugs, because if you cannot, then they will be hard to remove from your house.


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