How To Get Rid Of Blackheads In A Week

We have become so busy in our lives that we hardly manage time to look after our skin. And, on the other hand, sun rays, dust and pollution keep destroying our natural glow and beauty. So, it would be more than a blessing if we know some effective tips to prevent and get rid of skin problems.

I must say blackheads are the most common and annoying skin problem. And, one with the oily skin suffers a lot. It doesn’t cost too much to get rid of these ugly blackheads. You just need to know some magical home remedies that are pretty helpful in removing blackheads and giving your skin a natural beautiful look.

Simple home remedies for those ugly and annoying blackheads that hide your real beauty!


1. Clean the skin pores with the evaporation technique.

Clean-the-skin-pores-with-the-evaporation-techniquePeople having oily skin often suffer from many skin problems and blackheads are the most common in them. Blackheads occur due to dust that block the skin pores and then many-a-times, become painful pimples. So, deep cleansing of the pores is very necessary to prevent skin from blackheads. And, for that, taking steam for once-a-week truly proves pretty helpful and effective. Do not forget adding it in your weekly schedule of skincare.

2. Stop scrubbing your face, it may worsen the condition.

Stop-scrubbing-your-face,-it-may-worsen-the-conditionOne who has blackheads is always being suggested to scrub the face. But, doing it obsessively can make your skin dry and enlarge the pores. Instead of scrubbing you can apply a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice on the infected area of your face, rub it gently for 2-3 times and leave it to dry. After that wash it with cold water. Practice it for twice a week and see the results.

3. Apply egg white mask.

Apply egg white maskEgg white mask is very effective and it tightens the skin pores which reduces the chances of occurring blackheads.

4. Honey and milk is the best combination for your skin.

Honey and milk is the best combination for your skinHoney has an antibacterial property and milk has lactic acid. The mixture of both the things works as a magic for the skin health. Take a few drops of organic honey and a teaspoon of milk, mix it then with the clean soft strip apply it on your face. Leave it for 5-10 minutes and rinse with cold water. You can apply it daily for better results.

5. Cinnamon and honey strips.

How to get rid of blackheadsIt’s an effective medicine which helps you to get rid of blackheads quickly. Cinnamon improves circulation and makes skin smooth, healthy and glowing.

6. Lemon works as a skin toner that shrink the skin pores.

Lemon for AcneBlackheads are caused due to open pores which get clogged with dust and then react with oxygen. So, the smart way to prevent blackheads is shrink and clean the pores. Applying lemon juice is the cheapest and most effective way for it.
Caution: If you have sensitive skin, dilute lemon juice with water. It also makes skin sensitive to the Sun so do not forget to apply sunscreen if you practice this method in the summertime.

7. Apply cider vinegar and mint toner.

homemade-skin-toner-apple-mintYou can prepare skin toner at home by mixing crushed mint leaves and Apple cider vinegar. ACV breaks down the stuff that causes blackheads and like lemon mint also helps in tightening the skin pores.

8. Use toothpaste and toothbrush for cleaning the blackhead- affected area of your skin.

You might have never thought that your toothbrush could be that useful. It doesn’t only remove germs from your teeth but also remove blackheads from your skin.
Try these methods to bring your beautiful skin into the light which is hidden somewhere around these blackheads. And, do not forget to share these amazing skin care tips with your friends and family.


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