Sleep Number Bed – Personal Review after 2 years of use


This is a honest review of the sleep number bed. We bought this bed a couple of years ago. I have chronic back issue’s that surgery will not correct. So I wanted to reduce some of the pain and stiffness in the mornings, so I thought let’s try a new bed. I often was up 3 or 4 times a night. Sometimes just sitting on the side of our old bed because I ached. So we went to our local Select Comfort Store. The process is awesome. They helped us all find our Sleep number and I have to admit, it was amazing as soon as I found our number. I had always heard I needed a hard bed because of my back problems. Not the case at all. My actual comfort setting is low (45). I have never slept better than I do now. I use to take pm medicine to help me sleep. I take nothing now for sleep. Low setting lets the bed curve to my body and gives me support in the right area’s without sacrificing comfort.

Video sleep number bed review

Sleep Number Bed – Personal Review after 2 years of use

I also like having the option of changing the setting. There are times like when I watch TV in bed that I may want a harder setting. With this bed no problem. The one issue we have had with the bed is the sides bow out a little. The sides of the bed are memory foam and they tend to bow out. When I made this video I stated it was my side and was probably because I was a big guy. But after making the video I noticed my wife’s side is doing the same. I will probably have to replace the sides some day and minimal cost. But for now, I take those sides out and flip them and it is as good as new. It takes about 10 minutes to complete the entire process.

I would recommend this bed to anyone. It is awesome. The customer service is top notch also. They truly care about their customers and provide great customer service. Think of it this way, we don’t blink an eye at spending thousands of dollars on a car to drive, but how much time do you spend in your car compared to your bed. It is investment that is worth it. Plus it has a 20 year pro-rated warranty. A definite recommend.

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