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According to a survey there are millions of people who are suffering from diabetes. In 2014, approximately 21 millions people had diabetes and 86 millions are pre diabetes. There is not Diabetes leads to so many other diseases as well. They do not know about the the consequences and remedies of diabeties. Big Diabetes lie is best program to guide you. It will give you all of the remedies and which is affordable for everybody. Big diabetes lie will change your life from unhealthy lifestyle to healthy lifestyle.

Big diabetes Lie is created by team of doctors. There are two types of diabetes TYPE1 Diabetes and TYPE 2 Diabetes. Big diabetes will held you to regulate blood sugar level in your body, manage insulin resistance, from blindness and amputation.

What is diabetes ?

It is a long term disease which increase or decrease the blood pressure of your body. Diabetes is a disorder of metabolism. When we eat food, our body break down the carbohydrates, starch and sugar present in food into glucose which is. Form of sugar that enter into the bloodstream. With the help of insulin present in the body our cells absorbs glucose and use it for energy. But in diabetes body does not produce insulin and glucose level in body increases in the body.


Type 1 Diabetes : Body does not produce INSULIN. Almost 10% of the of the cases in the world are TYPE 1 Diabetes .

TYPE 2 Diabetes : The body doesn’t produce insulin for function. 90% of the world population is suffering from TYPE 2 diabetes.

Common symptoms of diabetes :-

Common symptoms of diabetes are frequent urination, intense hunger and thirst, sexual dysfunctions, cuts and bruises does not heal. There is also a risk a cardiovascular disease. Overweight and obese people have higher risk of diabetes. A lot of people suffer from eye complications like glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy. They also suffered from foot complications like neuropathy, ulcers, and sometimes gangren. Uncontrolled diabetes raises some mental complications and hypertension as well. Diabetic person have higher risk of hearing problem.

TYPE 2 Diabetes is curable, people manage to cure it. Patients can lead a healthy lifestyle by taking oral medications of insulin and by following helathy lifestyle and but Type 1 diabetes has no cure.

The Big Diabetes Lie program’s secrets to cure Diabetes:

From this programme you will learn how to cure diabetes naturally and how to safely control your cholesterol level by 25% to 30% without using medications. You will learn how to strong your immune system. You do not need to follow any medications, injections and diets. It is highly effective and affordable by everyone. It will restore your confidence to beat diabetes.  This programme will helps you to destroy the roots the causes of diabetes and helps you to lead healthy life without any fear. It has been researched  that after 3 week who follows it have taken off 75% of the medications. Patients who were using almost 200 units a day have quit their dosages. 81% patients have achieved complete relief from painful neuropathy.

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